5 financial goals to get you through 2019

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It’s a New Year and many have set resolutions and goals but sometimes forget to set achievable financial goals. Failure to do this often lead to debts and inability to account for finances at the end of the year.
These 5 goals should get you through 2019 financially.

1. Start budgeting

The most important thing to do to achieve your financial goals in the New Year is to budget.
You might make so much money but might still be broke before the end of a month due to bad money management.

This is probably because you don't budget and this should change in 2019. Plan your finance by creating a budget and sticking to it each month. It would definitely help you manage your finances well and control your spending better.

2. Get serious about saving money

This goes beyond merely saying you want to get serious about saving money. You need to work towards it. Saving is another key ingredient if you want to achieve financial success in the 2019.

Cultivate the habit of saving to help you achieve financial goals by being determined to save a substantial amount from your income monthly, probably ten percent out of it.  Saving and excessive spending don't go hand-in-hand. Therefore, it is important to find ways to cut down on your expenses. 

3. Clear your debt

This is also a major factor for attaining your financial goals in 2019. Being in debt restrains you from actualizing your financial goal.  Clear all debts and begin your financial journey on a clean slate.
Earn and save instead of earning and losing to debt repayment through out the year.  Be determined not to incur any debt as that will do damage to your finances. Cut down on spending and repay old debts.

4. Start investing

Apart from saving, you should also begin to invest your money in productive ventures.
Unlike saving which grows your money at a slower rate, investing grow your finance at a much faster rate. Be sure about what you want to invest in and also get advice from experts before doing so.

5. Read and learn about money and finances

In 2019, you should read more about money, finance market and personal finance.
This will help you sharpen and broaden your knowledge about money and finance which will in turn help you manage your finances better.