5 financial tips to consider in 2019

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In less than a week from now, the year 2018 will be over.  Getting your financial life right will save you a whole lot in the New Year. Here are 5 things to put into consideration.

1. Create a Budget
Have a budget mapped out to help you manage your income properly. If you don't have a budget, 2019 is the year for you to take your budgeting seriously.
If you already have a budget, you should review and check how well your budget worked for you and find possible means to adjust it and make it better.

2. Set financial goals
Mere saying you want to save money for something is not enough.  You need to know your short-term goals and long-term goals you want to achieve within a different time range.
In the New Year, try to get your financial goals in check, not just by saying what you want to achieve but putting it down in writing and spending with a purpose.

3. Clear your debt
Clearing your debt should be done even before this year runs out.
It won't be advisable to carry debts into a new year because it might drag down your finances. Thereby, making it difficult to achieve financial goals.

4. Find other means of income
If you have only one source of income, you should try to look for another or more sources to help you improve your financial life. This erases the troubles that comes with depending on a single source of income.

5. Create an emergency fund
Set aside funds for emergencies.