How To Resolve ATM Dispense Error

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I once met a man who vowed never to get an ATM card for himself from the bank. Being curious, I asked why he made such decision despite its usefulness in this digital age. His reason was somewhat valid. He didn’t want to experience the usual ‘my account was debited but I didn’t get the money’ saga.

Sadly, this has become an anthem on the lips of Nigerians who expect a seamless transaction when using the ATM but end up with sad stories. In the case of an ATM dispense error, resolve them easily with these steps. Note that you cannot make a report to your bank until 24 hours after the failed transaction. Banks advise customers to wait for 24 hours because the error is expected to correct itself within that period.

1.    Make a complaint to your bank

Visit any branch of your bank and fill a dispense error complaint form. The filled form will be verified and your money will be reversed within 24 to 48 hours. If this error happened on the machine of your bank, it won’t take much time to resolve it.  
However, it takes more days as it involves inter-bank communication if it happens on the ATM of another bank.

2.    Follow up

You may need to do a follow-up on your complaint. You can do the follow-up with a telephone call to the customer service of your bank. You may also send an email to the designated email address of your bank. It is recommended that you follow up with calls if your complaint is not resolved in the shortest time. Social Media is also a good place to follow up on your complaint.

3    Complain to the Central Bank of Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria has directed banks to resolve ATM cash dispense errors within stipulated timelines. Should the bank be delaying more than necessary, you can escalate your complaint to the CBN by writing to its Consumer Protection Department. This can be done through an email on the CBN website,

So, whenever, you have an ATM cash dispense error, do not panic, just follow the due process, and you will get your money back soon.