7 Tips For Safer Mobile Banking

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Mobile Banking is a value added service offered by a bank to enable customers conveniently and securely conduct their banking transactions on their mobile phone. While a good number of Nigerians with smart mobile devices have embraced the use of their Bank’s Mobile App for convenient transactions, the need for security consciousness is vital as there have been cases of scam in various forms.

As simple as your mobile phone looks to you, one single act of it falling into the wrong hands might leave you devastated for a very long time. It is therefore necessary to take these basic precautions.

1. Never store your account information, such as the account number, debit and credit card PINs, on your mobile handset.

2. If you use a banking app, never store your user name and password on your mobile handset for automatic login. This may allow faster access, but is a potential hazard if the mobile falls in wrong hands.

3. Never use mobile banking when you are on a public network, including free WiFi hotspots. Always use your mobile service provider’s network or a password-protected WiFi connection.

4. Set a screen unlock pattern, a number-based or a text-based password.

5. Never send your account information via text message.

6. Don’t respond to fraudulent emails or text messages appearing to be from your bank requesting for personal information, such as passwords, Bank Verification Number (BVN), credit card numbers etc.

7.  Use your bank’s official App

Most financial transactions occur through your mobile device, so it’s important to keep your information protected.

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