4 Important Things You Must Know As A Nigerian Bank Account Holder

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Just like knowing your name, state of origin, phone number and other vital information about yourself, it is expected that as a bank account holder, you know these four important details even in your sleep.

1. Account Name/Number

Having this detail off-heart always saves the day especially at moments when it's needed urgently. It is advisable to memorize your account name and number till it sticks in your mind. 

2. Bank Verification Number(BVN)

Ever since it's introduction by the Central Bank of Nigeria to capture customers data and check fraud in the banking sector, most bank transactions depends on it. In some cases, this unique identification number is needed to request for loans. 

3. Account Officer's Details

Every bank account has an officer overseeing it. Having your account officer's details helps you resolve issues with your account swiftly. Getting this detail is not a difficult thing to do. Simply walk into any of your bank's branches, request for your account officer details and keep it safe at all times. You never know when you might need it. 

4. Customer Service Number

Walking into the bank to make complaints or inquiries can be stressful and time consuming. Thanks to technology, you can do all of these and more from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are. It is therefore important to have your bank's customer service number so as to reach them at any time of the day including weekends. Banks's customer service operates 24 hours and with the introduction of digital media, you can also reach out to your bank on social media.