If you had the power which bank will you shut down for poor service delivery?

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Personally my feeling towards our banks in Nigeria is bitter-sweet. Just that moment when it seems like you have the best bank on your side with great customer service delivery and prompt response to your needs, everything suddenly goes soar.

It saddens me and makes wonder what exactly it takes to do the right thing and keep at it when it comes to our banks. When will these banks make excellence a standard? When exactly will they start to value their customers and as such, render excellent service delivery at all times?

Many of them claim "empathy" as being one of their core values. However, it only ends after the recitation or writing; it is not being put to practice. I can authoritatively tell you that 6 out of 10 Nigeria bank customers are unhappy with their banks; yes 6 out of 10! Innocent customers are made to suffer as a result of the banks' negligence and un-professionalism.

The Central Bank needs to do more towards regulating these banks and check mating their services. They need to realize the pain the masses are going through in the hands of their banks. The banks post so much profit at the end of each financial year with money realized from their customers and yet, they can’t render the minutest of excellence service to these customers.

I just can’t wait to see this trend end, I can’t wait to see when customers are treated like the kings which they truly are, I can’t wait to see the CBN step in fully towards the control of these bank services and to see happy bank customers all over. Till all of these happens, we would keep hoping and believing that someday, things will turn around for the better.

If you had the power, what bank will shut down for the sake of poor service delivery?