Who else has seen the Heritage Bank Advert on Big Brother Naija?

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The new Heritage Bank advert on the ongoing National reality TV program (Big Brother Naija) is quite captivating; a lovely rendition by Titilope Shonuga I must say and her choice of words as well as delivery was super.

However, I have a problem with the motive behind the advert. Or better still I will say that I do not understand the information Heritage Bank was trying to pass across. I have always known that advertisements are supposed to be captivating, educating and instructing. Which means that every advert should first be able to get my attention, and when it does, should inform me of a message and then ensure that I get to partake of that information. 

GT Bank got this concept a 100% with their advert on *737# which went viral across the country and even beyond. Not only did they entertain us, they informed us of their product *737# and as such, made many of us partake of that service.

How wonderful it would have been if the Heritage Bank advert went ahead to tell us what exactly they wanted of us rather than just re-introduce the brand Heriatge Bank. But like I earlier said, it was a very captivating advert all the same.