Exercising Your Right as a Bank Customer

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As human beings, we constantly strive towards perfection. Everyone and anyone loves to be described with the sweetest of words. I remember during my ‘9-5 days’ when we have to hold send forth parties for resigning colleagues and everyone is made to gather and speak about the ‘celebrant’. Hardly do you hear bad reports or comments about the person. This what a bit of problem for me because I always wanted to speak about the person on all sides; the good, the bad and the ugly for there is no one without flaws.

Our banks in Nigeria unarguably are doing so well when compared to other banks in other countries of the world. It is interesting to note that the speed of customer service delivery in our Nigeria banks can be ranked among the best in the world. Likewise the level of competition.

Just like any other business, banks keep jostling to ensure that they are at the fore front of the race. Departments such as Corporate Communication, Brand Strategy and Innovation unit, etc. are constantly engaged in ensuring that the good image of the bank is given a public boost. Being a bank blog,  Ibank has strategically decided to follow all of these banks on their social platforms (Instagram and twitter, Facebook) and one thing they all have in common is the ability to always bring the ‘we are the best bank’ kind of messages to the public. In as much as I believe in applauding myself on something I know to do well, I also do believe strongly that actions speak louder than words. A close look at the response of these banks to complaints of their customers goes to tell which actually regards their customers.

A major fact banks need to know about being the best is the ability to admit their flaws and errors and instant readiness to make amends. We do not expect services to be a 100 percent; however, as customers we are pleased to know that you care about our complaints and making conscious effort towards resolving them and making life easy for us.

Feedback is key! especially to a waiting customer. Most times we spend so much on calls in an attempt to laying our complaints via the contact Centre but surprisingly the issues are swept under the carpet afterwards. This however, is where we have a huge difference between the banks in the Western world and those in Nigeria; FEEDBACK! They constantly engage their customers, no complaint is left unattended to and every customer is treated with a sense of importance.
Little things like calling a customer back when the phone trips off or keeping a customer posted on a complaint he/she laid a while ago is very key. It simply means that you admit the lapses and are making conscious effect to remedy them.

As customers, one thing you need to know is that you have a right. A right to adequate customer service delivery and when that is lacking, you should escalate. Agencies like the Public Complaints Commission are always there to investigate and take up issues and complaints of bank customers. Ibank also, being the first bank blog is set to tackle banks on issues of poor customer service delivery.
I know customers who have exercised their rights in the past and got full compensations for them. Until we all begin to ask questions and make demands for our rightful quality service in the banks, these banks will not adjust in their poor activities.

As a customer, you have a right and should exercise it!.


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