The ignorant victim

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Mr John Ikegbu a security officer with one of the commercial banks has just lost his job.
Not news right? besides people lose their jobs every day so what’s the big deal?
Anyways, the circumstances surrounding his sack is one which you must know and learn from.
Mr John being a security guard was in the bank compound directing cars appropriately and at intervals, assists customers trying to make use of the ATM. Suddenly, two men walked up to him acting to be in a hast and pleaded for his account number which they said they needed for an urgent transfer so as to make withdrawal. According to Mr John, he said they told him that they had exceeded their ATM withdrawal limit for the day and urgently need cash to pay the hospital bill of their dying sister.

The story made sense to him and he did not see any risk in it. He thought to himself that he was at no risk of losing anything if gets the money credited to his account. So, he immediately obliged and the deal was done. They even tipped him with ₦5,000.00 and zoomed off. Trouble however began for the ignorant poor man when the bank he works for invited him the next day to explain a transaction that had occurred in his account the previous day. Mr John narrated just as it happened but wasn’t enough justification as to why he shouldn’t be let off his job. Well, I might say that the narration was justification enough to save him further trouble with the case.

Those two men were fraudsters who had duped some people of over ₦50,000,000.00 and were trying to get the monies out as quickly as possible. Investigations on the case revealed that they succeeded in getting out ₦10,000,000.00 that very day via this same means and are currently on the run.

Dear reader, just like we have always advised, learn to keep your bank information secret. Beware of such people in any ATM center and try as much as possible to protect your information at all times. Hopefully, Mr John has learnt a bitter lesson and we pray grant him grace to get another job.