The idea of the piggy bank and its challenges

Fashion home!
On the first of January we published an article on becoming your own bank MD by owning a piggy bank. The response we got on that article via phone calls and mails basically were overwhelming. It goes a long way to show that a lot of us actually do have these idle funds that end up amounting to nothing due to bad use.

Feedback received lately on the challenges most people are facing getting started with the piggy bank practice has been enormous and the major source of the problem remains that they are yet to get the piggy box (kolo) itself. I really do not mean to sound like a motivational speaker right now but the fact remains that in life, you just have to get started with whatever plans or dreams you have. You actually can’t achieve anything as long as it remains a thought. The process of getting started with whatever thing ushers you into a new world of strength and true actualization of that dream or plan.

The most challenging part to any idea, plan or vision is the process of getting started. Trust me, most times, it is the hardest part of the journey and not even other challenges that lay ahead. As soon as you are able to get pass the lazy stage of getting started, you will suddenly receive the strength and other requirements to forge ahead. It is a law of the universe; it immediately gets attracted to whatever thing we present to it.

On the idea of boosting your savings by owning a piggy bank (kolo), the most challenging part you will face or are currently facing will be to construct the wooden box. As funny and belittling this might seem, I will advise that you get across to a carpenter today and ask him to make one of those boxes for you. Yes! Very weird but at the end this means will be justified. The person that started this act on the 1st of January has achieved far more by today I am sure.

A wonderful side to this practice is that as soon as you get the box, you will realize that keeping up with the process itself becomes a lot more interesting. You will also find out that consciously or unconsciously, you will become more financially disciplined.

It will be an awesome feeling if by the end of the year, you open your piggy box to realize how much you saved for the year without bank charges.

Call your carpenter right away and ask him for a piggy box today! If that still won’t work, call us to deliver one across to you. Every little savings is a most this year! 

Still wishing you a plenty saved money 2018!