Be a Bank MD- Get a Piggy Bank!

Fashion home!
To refresh our memory a bit, a piggy bank is also known as penny bank or money box. Growing up, most of us knew as ‘Kolo’ or ‘kpangolo’. It is that little box usually made of wood with a little opening to enable us squeeze in money for a period of time.
It was and still remains a very good source of savings which has helped people on several occasions. It is a wonderful culture which parents have been able to pass to the younger generations. Most adults today one time or the other owned a piggy bank while most children of today are enjoying the experience right now.

However, the sad twist to this practice is that many of us believe that we outgrow it. Especially with the advent of commercial banks and their products that allow under aged children to own accounts. We tend to practice the act just as kids and then dump the practice for the younger ones. But just like the law, no one is above piggy banks! You will be shocked to know that they have saved and is still saving more lives and businesses than most of our present commercial banks in Nigeria. Lately on the social media, I have come across the different testimonies of faithful piggy banks MDs and they are usually glad they kept the practice.

Without any intention to discourage you from giving to street beggars, if we can cultivate the habit of owning a piggy bank, the little change we spare all the time in the name of ‘it is small money’ can actually be something to be glad you saved in the long run. Now that you’re reading this, I bet you have those ‘little monies’ lying about either in your car, your wardrobe, on your table or just somewhere which you consider as nothing. Pick them right up and get them into a piggy bank and trust me, you’ll be glad you did at the end of the year.
Just as the year has begun, begin today to own your bank and begin with the piggy bank! Happy 2018!