Access Bank Introduces Paternity Leave and 6 months Maternity Leave

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Access Bank is unarguably one of the leading banks in Nigeria when measured across all parameters. One intriguing thing about the bank also is the fact that they do know how to stand out from the rest. Personally, I am yet to visit an Access bank branch where I do not come out feeling like a very rich man. The show of courtesy begins right from the gate with the security men all through into the bank hall with the staff members.

As a motivating process I believe, the Management of Access Bank Plc. have introduced what seems to be the first ever in this part of the world. Paternity leave! Fathers of new born babies will be allowed to take one week off to be with their family.

In addition to this, nursing mothers who ordinarily are entitled to 3 months maternity leave can now take as much as 6 months. While the normal 3 months leave comes with full salary payments, the additional 3 months will have the salaries of the staff prorated. According to the Management, additional 3 months will mean that the staff will only be paid two-third (2/3) of their salaries for those months.

I believe this makes a lot of sense and will really boost staff productivity while also encouraging members of staff to live a very balanced life. 

We call on other Banks and Organisations in Nigeria to do same in order to achieve maximum productivity from their staff members.

One thing is not sure anyways, if "baby daddies" be considered for paternity leave?
Kudos Access Bank.