Who we exactly are and what we do-Ibank Blog

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The name Ibank was derived from the original phrase Eye-Bank which simply describes what we are out for; keeping our eyes on the banks and in return, relay what we have seen back to the customers. On a larger scale, we serve as an intermediary between the banks and their customers ensuring that bank customers are given that excellent service at all times.

As a bank blog, we tend to communicate on issues bothering banks, their policies, their ambience and their services in general as it affects the customers. Banks are reminded that their customers are key and happy customers are the most valuable asset of any business organization.
Ibank blog is made up of a team of very well-seasoned bankers (Ex and Current Bankers), Economic and Financial Analysts. As a blog, we celebrate banks when they do well and also reprimand them when the need be.

Currently, we have two major issues being investigated. The first is with UBA (over an account where a fraudster transferred money from a customer’s account into his own account still with UBA) and the second is with First Bank where someone dressed like a bank staff fraudulently took a customer’s money in the banking hall pretending to help her make the deposit in the bulk room and then left with the money. To these customers who brought this complain, we want to assure you that it won’t go unattended to.

However, we wish to remind the general public that complaints being handled by us depending on the degree, may take longer period to resolve but our commitment remains that every issue which the blog takes up, no matter how long will be treated and justice must be done.
Our aim is to achieve a win-win balance between the banks in Nigeria and their customers and with your cooperation (Banks and Customers) we shall achieve this.

This is wishing you a prosperous 2018 ahead.