Staying Safe this period- Major Tips

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We are gradually getting to the end of the year and while we go about our activities during this period, we must have it at the back of our mind that crime rates generally are on the high and as such, one must be extra careful.

The following tips can assist in ensuring our safety both as banks and as individuals:

1  Banks should ensure that their E-channel (Internet banking, Mobile banking, ATM, POS, etc.) platforms are up and functional. This will ensure that customers are not at the risk of carrying bulky cash around.

2    Both internal and external security guards in the banks should be more vigilante and observant. This goes as far as knowing who parked what car, establishing that the cars parked are owned by the bank customers, ensure to observe a car that has been parked for so long, study awkward movements of individuals within the banking premises, etc. In as much as the above mentioned should be adhered to, the need for professionalism is required to avoid embarrassments.

3   Customers should avoid unnecessary show of wealth. It is the period where everyone is tempted to show that he they have done so well for themselves in the year. Avoid such temptations and stay humble.

4    Do not disclose your account pin or information to anyone. Have the contact of your bank and ensure to always re-confirm every message from the bank as most of them are cloned by fraudsters.

 Avoid embarking on unnecessary trips. Good and fine, the period allows for family members and friends to get together and spend time as well share memories. However, if it is not very necessary and convenient for you, stay away.

6   Ensure to get quick response numbers of the police nearest to you. These numbers are everywhere though just a few are aware. It will help you get instant help where and when needed.