Access Bank is Recruiting

Fashion home!
One thing you cannot take away from this bank is the fact that they are always unique in their dealings. They just have a way of putting a touch of class in their activities. Little wonder they have chosen to go about their recruitment process this time in yet a different way.

For those willing to be a part of the Access Bank family, below are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – Follow on Instagram @humansofaccess

Step 2 – Get the password for the day from the Instagram live feed (which is displayed 12pm everyday)

Step 3 – Input password gotten from the instagram live feed on the application form on the website

They are hiring:

1        2:1 candidates or 2.2 candidates with a foreign Masters
2        Frontline Internship: 2.2 candidates with or without NYSC.

 Application ends January 15, 2018.