Make your Money work for you- Spend money to get money

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Like I always say, SAVINGS CANNOT MAKE YOU WEALTHY RATHER, INVESTMENT WILL. You cannot make more money by saving your money, you will only make more money when you spend your money. One should only save money for a particular reason or for the rainy days. However, piling up all your money in a savings account with the intention to get richer is nothing but a waste of time and cheating on one’s self. This is one secret the banks will never tell you, they will rather encourage you to boost your savings account and go to sleep. Have you ever noticed that when you get money into your account the bank becomes your friend?; they call you and thank you for the inflow; for some, they pay you a visit with even gifts to thank you for the patronage. Have you also wondered why these banks pay you a token interest at the end of every month for keeping your funds with them?

The reason is because our funds no matter how little are used by the banks for their investments. Every product and service of the bank has a profit making strategy behind it. They don’t just roll out these products with the aim of rendering excellent service to you; there must be something in it for them. Therefore as individuals and bank customers, we need to become as wise as these banks and wise enough to make the banks work for us. In the real sense of it, we all are working for the bank if at the end of our hard work and hustle in our respective organizations, we receive our monthly salaries and leave them in our bank accounts all in the name of saving. If your money must remain in the bank, then bargain better. You can get more than you currently receive from these banks if only you bargain. If however, you wish to invest your funds but you are not sure of what to do or scared of losing the funds, you can contact us and we sure will put you through.

Subsequently ibank will publish detailed articles on different investment plans which will be beneficial for people other than just savings but before we start that, you need to always remember that savings does not create wealth rather investment does. 


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