Turn Around Time?

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When next you make a request at your bank which cannot be treated immediately, please ask to know what the Turn Around Time (TAT) for such request. As the name implies and just like other organizations, Turn Around Time is the period in which a particular request or task is supposed to be completed.

What this means is that for a customer who has requested for a new ATM for instance, is supposed to have a given number of days/hours when the card will be ready and should be ready as promised. If that is the case, issues like ATM retract, declined transactions, wrong debit on account, etc must have an assigned period in which the request must be treated and reverted to a customer.
Picture: bsg.co.za

Banks should learn to inform their customers the TAT attached to a particular request and should always keep to it. Also, bank customers should understand the fact that the bank is an official organization governed by rules and processes. As a result of this, customers need to realize the fact that not all request can be treated immediately. The need to exercise patience towards certain requests is very paramount. This notwithstanding, banks must learn to always work in accordance to their promises and in line with a given TAT.

Like I said earlier, when next you make a request at the bank and you are told that the request cannot be treated immediately, kindly ask to know what the Turn Around Time for that request is.