Not Just the week but a life time- Customer Service

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This week has been full of so many activities from the banks across Nigeria celebrating the customer service week. I just came across a post on instagram by Fidelity Bank and the caption was really assuring. It says “at Fidelity Bank, customer service is everyone’s responsibility’. They went ahead to show us one of their top executives paying a customer over the counter and obviously used a hash tag #CustomerServiceWeek2017#.

Immediately, this reminded me of my university days and how the school hurriedly tries to put things in place a week before NUC staff members arrive for inspection. Things go back to status quo a few weeks after the inspection until the following year when they will be visiting again.

Picture credit: istock

This is the approach of many banks of today. When it is customer service week, we experience very wonderful and most times unbelievable services. From very clean ambience to wonderful warmth and reception from the staff; everyone suddenly seem to be in a happy mood and for the first time in a long while, they make us feel like they are happy to see us in the bank. Unfortunately, all of these disappears a few days later and one is left to wonder if it is supposed to be a once in a year affair. Whatever thing it is, that brings out this excellent side of the banks should be sustained as much as possible. Even if it requires us tagging every week of the year ‘customer service week’ I am sure customers’ complaints and trust in the banks won’t be as bad as it is today if things can remain that way.

Today, hardly will you see a customer who pays attention to banks when they talk except for when they are dazzling us on tv or radio with their lovely jingles. But trust me, no one cares to listen to what they have to say afterwards. The issue of eccentric customer service delivery has forced so many to resort to saving their monies at home and I am sure that if the society was more secured, many Nigerians would have comfortably made their homes their banks.

One of the most re-occurring issues suffered by most customers is that of ATM cash retract, deductions during transfers or transactions without corresponding credits to the beneficiaries amongst others. It is funny how they make one practically beg for his money to be reversed after a failed transaction; a fault which is always theirs. Please our banks, I need to know, is it a different system that is used in returning customers money when they are debited? Why is it so easy and fast to debit a customer for a failed transaction and take over two months and some cases even more to return same? I know a case of a Diamond bank customer who was advised to make payment for her ticket booking via quickteller and after being debited twice (same amount) for the transaction was told that her payment to Fideity Bank was declined. Ever since the both banks in question have been tossing the innocent customer. If something is declined is it not to return it? How come the customer is yet to get her funds back even after several promises? I am sure she is not the only one with such issue at the moment. I went as far as tipping a staff who obviously gave me the impression that he was doing me a favor in resolving mine and actually did. Our banks have this very unapologetic way of making customers feel like they are being done a great favor for keeping their funds. This issue of banking should be a two-way thing where both the customers and the banks are happy. No one should feel oppressed and distressed. Eccentric customer service delivery should be the core focus of every bank and be practiced all the time. Let them not wait till it is customer service week. We are your customers and every day and week should be for customer service.

To our lovely banks, in the spirit of this just concluded customer service week, we bring to our request as your customers even while acknowledging the fact that you play great roles in our lives.