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As a blog we inform, we educate and most importantly represent the views of every bank customer in Nigeria. We see to ensure that proper customer service delivery is given to all customers and also that customer’s complaints are brought to the notice of the bank in question.

To this end, we would ensure that banks and bankers are always reminded of the need for professionalism in the delivery of their services. Bankers need to always remember that they are a service rendering institution and as such, their major commodity should be excellent service delivery.

I see it as a misplacement of priority when banks send their staff out on the street in the name of marketing. They go to the extent of threatening them of their job which in the long run, forces these staff to engage in many immoral acts in order to meet their targets. This for me is a wrong approach and should be reversed.

In our subsequent posts, this blog will be pointing out things which we feel banks should rather channel their strength and focus on in order to win the hearts of customers rather than the outrageous and unrealistic targets they give to their staff.

Ibank blog will also ensure that customers’ complaints and even that of bank staff members are fully represented and well attended to. We would also celebrate and commend banks for jobs well done.

For these to be achieved, kindly send in your experience and complaints to: ibankng.com@gmail.com and watch us handle it.


Being a marketer in a bank is out of no choice, we believe it is better we do it than to just to be idle and that is d major reasons why they have to impose all power on them or they(marketers) quit because they believe many people are out there looking forward to get the marketing job. God will help us

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you are right. They most times take advantage of the fact that there are no jobs. However, i still think that mounting pressures on marketers is not the best way to get deposits. Excellent customer service delivery is the key.