A Letter To Skye Bank

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I wish to use this medium to relay my honest opinion and advice to Skye Bank Plc. Before I continue, I will like to thank you immensely for having been there for us over the years and truly showing to us that the sky can be anyone’s starting point if they believe. 

I fell in love with this bank the very year they used the jingle  ‘Skye bank saying yes to your need’ which I consider as very creative and captivating. It is a natural thing for people to cling to you when the going is good and disappear when things go sour. This obviously is the current situation of the bank and with the news we gathered about the bank, some careless decisions were made by some ‘ogas at the top’ which have resulted to the difficult times they have faced lately.

No doubt, Skye bank has gradually regained confidence and presence in the industry and I say kudos to all those that were involved. The Central Bank of Nigeria played a great role in managing the situation and I hope as a bank you will forever remain thankful to CBN.

Having said all these, I want to remind you of the impossibility of doing same things in the same ways and manners and expecting a different result. I suppose that having gone through these difficult times, you become more experienced and creative in carrying out your activities. I do expect very rapid changes in your customer service delivery, I also do expect your presence in all the social media across the country and beyond, I also do expect to see thorough but yet careful changes within the system. Having gone through the fire, I expect you to come out as gold. Unfortunately, things are looking like the reverse of my expectations.

The notion that the bank belongs to a certain part of this country has become more evident in their new policies.  Even the new policies seem to be clashing with the old. The staff members are still not properly trained on their job functions and expectations. 

I see moves to introduce new things to the system. I am aware of the upgrade being done on your internet banking platform, facility approval platforms and so on. However, I encourage you to do a complete job once and for all. Personally, I have had constant issues using the internet banking platform since the introduction of the ‘skye experience’ and after several complaints, I was told it was being worked on. I totally understand that there are bound to be certain challenges that come with using something new, but this should have been anticipated and taken a few hours or days to resolve.

I read the review on your mobile app and was almost tempted not to subscribe to it (though I have never had any cause to complain except for the fact that the transfer limit be increased). I doubt anyone who reads those reviews will want to go ahead in downloading the app though I learnt that an upgrade has been done in that area. There are certain things that should be on auto –run in every given bank, if those minor things are lacking, having an enjoyable experience between the bank and its customers will be difficult.

Dear Skye Bank, my point is that you really need to think outside the box at this time and do things differently. Hassling your staff to go out there to grow deposits knowing that things are not properly in order is not the way to go. Fix the internal things properly first and be shocked at how many customers that still love you. 

With these few points of mine, I hope these words will be enough for you.