4 Things to avoid with your bank towards month end

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Are you always frustrated with banks especially during month ends? Below is a list of things you should avoid to do in a bank when it is end of the month.
Photo: lady checking a monthly bank statement - Moneycrashers.com

1. Don’t keep your transfer instruction to month end- Bringing an instruction to your bank to transfer funds on the last day of the month is almost calling frustration upon yourself. They will hardly treat! Every bank wants to close their books well for the month and as such, will be very reluctant to treat any transfer instruction.

2. Avoid electronic transactions- As earlier said, no bank wants to lose funds on the last day of the month regardless of the means used. Most times, ATM/POS transactions are declined for the same reason. As a result of this, it is advisable to do your shopping with cash during that period.

3. Avoid huge transactions- Be it by transfer or cash, avoid huge transactions, save yourself that frustration. The earlier you bring your transactions before month end, the better.

4. Late transactions – In the event that the above steps are unavoidable, ensure you come into the Banking hall early enough as the Banks cut off time in preparation of the End of Month process is usually earlier than normal. As a result, the operational staff would like to close the day as soon as possible following the tedious End of Month process. After the cut off time,no one will be ready to listen to your request.