Diamond Bank goes Paperless - iBankNg

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The competition in the Banking industry in Nigeria has become so tough over the past 12 months. With the implementation of TSA policy and the general slow pace of activities across the country, Banks have no other option than to re-strategize in order to remain in business.

Whether the Bank has chosen to send all their staff out to kneel and beg customers, or to change their Management team or sack some of their employees or even cut down salaries, “all still join”. The aim remains to stay in business.

 I want to believe that it is in view of “thinking outside the box” and bringing something different on board to customers that Diamond Bank has chosen to start the paperless policy of banking which they say is in line with Environmental Friendliness and Sustainability Goals.

Ibank blog gathered that branches like Idumota, Isolo, Olodi-Apapa, Ebute Meta and Ajegunle have commenced the paperless policy. By so doing, customers will no longer be required to fill deposit slips when they come to make payments in the bank. They will only be required to call out the number or just have a way to give the teller the account number to which the money is paid after which a receipt will be issued.

This will definitely be a means of cutting cost in the bank and I am so sure that many other banks will follow suit shortly.