Tsunami Diamond Bank! - Over 200 Staff Members laid off

Fashion home! The news reaching us now says that over 200 staff members of Diamond Bank Plc. nationwide have been laid off their jobs. This tragic occurrence happened on Friday, 27th 2016 and we hear is still on going.

Andrew; one of the staff members affected when contacted said they never saw it coming. ‘We usually hear the rumor or sense it from the body language of Management whenever such thing is about to happen but in this case, no one saw it coming at all’.
My candid advice to bankers out there is for them to have as many options as possible. Personally, I am not shocked at the news and I won’t be if other banks follow suite. To survive these desperate times, some desperate measures need to be taken one of which is this.
May God help each and every one of us and grant those affected better opportunities.