The Good Old Banks

Fashion home! Ibank is always on the move from bank to bank observing the activities of our dear banks and bankers. No be my fault, the heart lays where the treasure is. You don’t want to know how much I have in these banks to stay a day without visiting them (lol). After my visits today, I was forced to reflect on the good old days growing up where to be a banker was the dream of many lads. How adorable it was to see people on suit and tie, oozing swag and respect, cheerful looking and ever ready to help. I loved and admired bankers! I wanted to be one. They always had this atmosphere that makes you feel welcomed immediately you step in. The cool spacious environment, chocolates at the entrance and the ever smiling doormen waiting to welcome you and assist with your enquiries.

Each time,I couldn’t wait to demand for the ever chilled water, run around the very spacious hall and most times mime to the slow song in the background, though I was never able to figure out where the speakers were but that was fine, as long as the melodious tunes kept on coming. Banks had this lovely musical advert which always distinguished them. So much more that I titled songs using the name of banks.

What has happened to those valuable moments where customers actually walked into the banking hall feeling like kings and leave with a smile and desire to come back again? What happened to excellent customer service delivery?

 These days, you walk into the banking hall to meet very angry looking staff members looking at you like you committed an offence by coming and even when you greet them, they will reluctantly respond. Sometimes, the tellers at the cash point start and complete a transaction without looking at your face. Infact, if at all you get any of the valuable and excellent customer service attention, you really must be a Dangote.

What has happened to customer service and satisfaction?