The Contract Staff and Excellent Service Delivery

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Now, this is the reason; those who get employed with BSc. are offered full time employment and as such can be promoted as often as it gets while the contract staff are those with HND, OND, etc. as the case maybe. The question now is “Should one really be considered fit for a job based on the certificate or actual knowledge and experience?” It is a major mistake in banks which I believe must be corrected. Obviously it is a common practice in most organizations in Nigeria. They want to see your certificates before your skill or knowledge but with the peculiarity of the banking activities and expectations of these banks management, there should be approach to this. The funny thing is that even after these staff members have completed their BSc program in Universities, they still are not converted to full staff and when they do, it takes donkey years.

As a staff of the bank you are expected to greet all customers that come into the banking hall, smile at them while attending to their needs promptly within the stipulated for that particular service. You are expected to multi task which is compulsory and in the case of the customer service unit, they attend to customers’ immediate request no matter what it may be while also attending to internal staff requests. How is one expected to do all these without a good form of motivation? How more plastic can the smile be to customers? How are customers supposed to be rendered that excellent service delivery when they lack an excellent motivational treatment?

I appreciate the effort of the full staff members working in other units but then, is it not wisdom to have these people that are better motivated interface with customers? A Yoruba adage goes thus, (soup wey sweet, na money kill am). For bank customers to access a wonderful service delivery, it is best for the well paid staff members to attend to them. At least those ones are happy with their job if not for anything else, for the salaries they get. These people will find it easier to smile to customers, they will find it more interesting interacting with customers and ensuring that customers enjoy good service delivery. The most surprising side of this story is the fact that these so called “contract staff” are better knowledgeable and hardworking that some of the full staff members. I was shocked to hear that Linda was a contract staff. There is nothing she does not know, the full staff memebers come all the way most times to make enquiries about processes. These contract staff members are always loyal and respectful but most times saddened because of the issue they are faced with. I call on bank managements to remunerate their front desk officers properly, convert them when need be, promote them when necessary and give them the feeling and sense of oneness. However, if this cannot be done for reasons best known to banks, bring the better paid officers to interface with the customers. If these banks can adopt this approach, excellent service delivery will be a more enjoyable and achievable activity.

When I finally own my bank, this is one of the major things I will do differently from what banks in Nigeria are currently doing. Share yours!


Ibank, i agree with you 70% but i'm aware some banks already have these full staff on their front desks and permit me to say its sometimes even worse. You see saucy ladies practically applying make ups and even the guys chatting away on their phones, these are d so called full staffs ooooo. I believe its more of training,discipline and motivation.

Worse than the poor renumeration, are the nearly absent career progression opportunities. It's like they are stuck even after obtaining B.Sc, they are unhappy and don't even feel a sense of belonging, they are treated as 2nd class citizens and are expected to give their best at providing excellent customer service given they are pretty much the face of the bank. Dear Banks, Powder your face.