The Contract Staff and Excellent Service Delivery

Fashion home!
I have always told myself that when I finally own a bank, I will most likely operate in an opposite manner in which most Nigerian banks of today do. This may sound crazy but it will definitely generate the best result ever. I don’t want to own a bank so as to be addressed as a bank MD flying first class, dressing classy and expensive, rolling with the big dons in the society not all that. I want to own a bank in order to correct the impression most bank MDs and customers have about the sector. Trust me, banking is an interesting profession; more interesting when it is in Nigeria. However, having carefully studied these Nigerian Banks, I realize that they collectively have this major practice mistake amongst others which I believe if rectified, will help their business a lot more.

It is the issue of front desk officers and with this I mean the customer service representatives as well as the tellers (those paying and receiving cash). Most customers are not aware of the fact that banks have contract staff and full staff or professional staff. This could now explain why some staff look smarter and sharper than others. Aside being a personal thing, the major reason stems from the fact that some are better paid than others. As a full staff, you get good remunerations and stand the chance of getting promoted as often as it gets while the contract staff members are a direct opposite, I know of a lady who has been in the banking system for 12 years (I am so tempted to call this particular bank) and has remained on the same salary for this number of years until recently when it was increased by ₦10,000.00.