Should Banks Open on Saturdays?

Fashion home!
After my weekend shopping on Saturday, I boarded a public transport home as I could not cope with the stress of queuing for many hours to refill my tank. Just about 5minutes down the journey, this igbo man directly behind me started ranting at how he got embarrassed at the market for not being able to make payment for goods purchased. According to him he went to the ATM to withdraw cash so as to pay for the goods he had purchased, he inserted his card into the machine not knowing it was the last he would see of the card. There was no way out as the bank was closed owing to the fact that it was Saturday.

The poor man was so frustrated that he could not just stop talking about it all along. This brought about a serious argument in the bus as to whether or not banks should open on Saturdays.

Do you think Banks in Nigeria should open on Saturdays? Let us hear your views.


Nooooo. I don't thinks banks should open on Saturdays when they are other channels to make payments and withdrawals if need. Bankers are human beings and not animals. Please ooooo. Let them have their weekends for their families.

I think banks could provide skeletal services to clients at very few designated branches on Saturdays but it shouldn't be mandatory.