Fashion home!
Happy new year wonderful readers! I welcome you all to a great year where we shall all break forth on every side in Jesus name.
We were off for a while after start up due to some menial issues regarding this site and the need to have an acceptable name for registration. After all the fight, we have been able to maintain the name and brand "ibank blog" however, the registered address has been changed to "". This not withstanding, those with the old address "" can still access us but will be re-directed upon search.
I am glad to also inform you that we are ready to start fully and spring to action. Expect great news updates on banks and the country's finances.
We promise to be as objective as possible. It is time for your voice to be heard. Let us hear your views about banks and their services, about changing policies in the financial sector.
God bless you all, once more, welcome to the ibank blog. kI go by the name, ibank.