Thank You for Banking With Us?

Fashion home!
I was in one of the new generation banks on Friday to consummate a transaction that took over 2hours of my time. Suddenly a customer walks into the banking hall. Apparently he belongs to 'the popular gingos' in the branch.

These are the people that usually walk into the banking hall making so much noise; they know all the staff members by name and when they talk, you could hear them from four floors away, they are quick to ask for the branch managers just to boost their ego and show they know the most senior person in the branch, name droppings and all. They stay hours in the bank practically doing nothing but gist from one table to another. One major irony with these set of customers is that their account balance is usually very calm, cool and humble as against the way they carry themselves. "Oga Joe welcome sir, happy new year" most of the staff members greeted. "make una go sit down! no greet me!" he shouted. "na only una bank no give me Christmas/New year gift".
At this point, many other customers in the banking hall concurred with Oga Joe and expressed their displeasure at the bank. " common biro and notepad, they no fit give person" another customer added. Obviously, the staff members had some justifications and lies to cover up. But I thought to myself, on a very serious note who really deserves a gift  during festive seasons to show appreciation? The bank or the customers?
Now look at it from this angle, the bank has served you all year round, ensuring that your money is kept safely and even had to give you some interests on some occasions, they granted you loan when you needed one, gave you financial advice especially in times of numerous policy changes, they explained most of these policies to you, explained some terminologies which naturally should have thrown you off balance, they were instrumental to your business all the year and now it is end of the year, do you think they owe you that hamper or special gift for banking with them? considering the fact that they traded with your money to make more money for themselves, they charged you for every single step you took with them financially from sms alert charge, card issuance charge, monthly service charge, advisory, management, commitment and processing fee (for loan seeking), etc.?
If at all you think the customer deserves the gift/hamper to show appreciation from the bank, do you also think all customers deserve it?