My Bitter Experience as a Banker - Part3

Fashion home!
Finally HR decided to reload and two senior members were deployed to work with us. Lo and behold, one has already dropped his resignation and the second has attended several employment interviews.

Many of you may not have heard about Staff Confirmation; it is a practise in most banks and several other firms, after a couple of months of employment, usually 6, staff are appraised based on performance over the period or Supervisor’s discretion (for Fresh graduates) and upon attaining the stipulated appraisal score the staff is confirmed, only then is the staff entitled to the full benefits of an employee. Well, all that grammar wey I just blow now na, as I said, ‘Grammar’. ‘Mother Gagool’ ain’t having that, during my first 2 years I learnt the drill, I saw staff who gained employment before me leave the bank without confirmation, did I mention that if you are not confirmed the bank will not reference you?, yes! It’s like you never worked for them. I witnessed confirmation appraisals where our boss gave negative scores to colleagues, -0.50, -2.5 and even -30.
For 2 whole years I came to work at 7:30am, worked diligently for an average of 13hours daily under the most toxic climate, worked very many weekends, did the most I could to meet all parameter but I still wasn’t a confirmed staff of the bank. All the effort seemed in vain and I couldn’t even leave because then the hard work will truly be lost, why? Because I would have to choose between joining another bank as a fresher (As my current employer is not obligated to provide reference) or leaving the sector completely and you know what the job search hustle is like in Nigeria, It is a lot easier to move from one Bank to another than to get a reasonable job in an entirely different sector where even well-structured organisations will only take you as a fresher. So you see, I was stuck in the hell hole with colleagues who were just as frustrated as I was and the fire breathing, incorrigible, glory seeking boss with a God-complex.

It took ‘Madam’ 2years, 2months and errrmm.. a number of days to finally give me the minimum appraisal score needed to get me confirmed and it was pretty much out of her hand she really did not have a choice. I know of some colleagues who are yet to be appraised as we speak and will be 3years in the bank by March; well, the bank still try sha; some others will simply terminate your appointment after 6months deadline. In my bosses usual words “I cannot confirm that boy/girl, he/she is a negative to the bank, he/she has contributed natin to this Bank!! Natinnnnn!!!! Any day the bank is ready to sack them it should go ahead” these are young people she is supposed to guide to success, serve as a mentor and teach to be better bankers instead she uses them as rags and then frustrate the hell out of their lives.

This is another reason why I say that our Human Resource (HR) departments in most organisations in Nigeria are really not doing their work as supposed. It is called Human Resource for crying out loud! The welfare of the staff members is supposed to be a priority. This department is supposed to attend to the yearnings of staff members rather than just be a tool of punishment. A very functional Human Resource department should have noticed that in a team of over nineteen staff members who have worked for an average period of 2years, only two members were confirmed and resignation was the order of the day; what a shame! Well that HR matter self na story for another day.
Finally, I decided to toll the line of those dropping their letter and so I dropped! Yes I did! Frustration led me to that! and when this happened, the same boss that didn’t ever see any good in me turned around to shower me with all forms of praise, gave me stories of how I was one of her most potential staff, how she liked me and was grooming to be one of the future leaders of the bank (what a shocker!) all these were to discourage me from leaving; but I guess I was too wise for all those wooing. Right there in her office, while she rained showers of praise all over me, all that came to my mind was the song “I gat my mind made up and I won’t turn back”….

After much preaching and praises, she asked me again “are you sure of this decision you are making”? “yes ma” and I left.

The truth about most bankers is that they are not happy with what they do. You will hardly ever see a banker who is happy and fulfilled in their job but the fear to leave is always even greater than the actual problem. The many fears of bankers is a write up you all need to watch out for which will be featured on this blog soon. Meanwhile, like the saying goes, whatever thing that is worth doing, is worth doing well and why you do what you currently have to do, please put God first, keep believing in yourself and never stop being positive!


That's how these bosses always behave.. they are full of praise when they realise that you are the one sacking them. Am sure u won't have gotten any praise if the bank was the one sacking you.
All the best in ur new office. ..Nigerian banks tho... all the same... just different names

The Human Resource department in banks shouldn't even be called Human Resource..........should be called 'Managing Director slave masters!!!!.
Too much rubbish going on in the Nigerian banking industry these days.