The Man in Suit and Tie- Appearance Matters!

Fashion home!
Often times I wonder how the suit and tie job came to stay in Nigeria. Like seriously?(in my ex-boss's voice). One innocent man somewhere will wake up in the morning and say it is suit and tie he will wear to work. Not bad mouthing them oh, but trust me, I won't do it except it comes with some really big bucks.
The oyinbo man that brought about the concept somehow has some form of justifications; I mean, the weather condition alone is a pass mark to wear the suit and tie but not in Naija abeg!
 My people, that's how I took a stroll down the street this afternoon under better hot sun just to burn some fat and came across this young banker sweating from neck down to his panties! I swear down, that sight was a full definition of "disgor" (according to my ibo sisters). I really felt irritated but at the same time, felt some pity for the man; 'wetin man go do na'. He went from one shop to another selling his bank products and making attempts to convince people to bank with him.

The man was full of knowledge, he knew his bank products so well. Very wonderful speaker I must say, but in all of these, the appearance was nothing to write home about. He once in a while wiped off the sweat from his face with the edge of the bank flyer while he spoke and I kept on wondering how one will entrust his money with this man who looks this way. Sad enough, his appearance was a direct contrast to what he had up in his head. That was a learning point; before you can get people to want to hear you out, you should be able to get them want to get close first.
I really give it to Standard Chartered Bank and Stanbic Bank staff. They dress so well that most times you just want to have them around and even feel proud to introduce them as your account officers. They do not bother to look so serious, just a little fashion statement here and there and good to go! they are. well done guys.
My little advice to oga bankers out there, especially the men, please try as much as possible to always look smart in your suit and tie as your appearance is the first and some times, best selling point.


Lol Funny story. Man must wack but na true you talk. Appearance has a great impact on your audience.