Loan Palava; Your Money or Your Collateral

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Have you ever wondered why our banks will never give us a loan and leave us alone? Or have you ever had to get a loan from the bank without any form of collateral really?

Do banks give loans to the ‘poor man’ who has a wealth of knowledge and idea on what to do with it?
Or are these loans restricted to just the ‘already made’ who we are sure can always pay back? Too many questions, too many answers, loads and loads of experiences to be shared, our eyes, our bank, this is ibankng.


Our banks really need to evolve.

Banks and loans......this is a sore spot for most customers as several have gotten their fingers burnt from taking loans in the past. The charges, the increase in interest rates and all. This takes up all of their profit and makes the customer disgruntled...some however have never been availed a facility even when their have a genuine need and have a foolproof repayment structure. On the other hand we have the big dudes who get the loans whether there is a structure or not with all the concessions in the world ....this reflects that our banks in Nigeria give little or no attention to the supposed small guys until the joint the league of the big dudes....what happened to helping new businesses grow, what happened to supporting the small businesses and what happened to patenting with the small business owners to ensure they have a wow experience...this needs to change.

Brainiac, you have a point. I really think the banking industry should be well monitored and fully controlled towards making life and business of starters very easy. No bank will pay attention to you if you're not a well known name or a business doing well. They will pratically force an established business to take a loan even when they don't need it while those that actually need the support are being looked down on.

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