JUST IN: An ibank Blog reader’s Experience in the UK with the $100 Daily Withdrawal

Fashion home!
Hi, heard your blog covers issues around banks and finance. Kindly share my experience. I received the greatest embarrassment of my life. I am an ALDO store freak, you will always find me at any mall looking for an ALDO store to shop.
I went about my normal business picked up some nice slim ties, shoes, hats and off course my jewelries (bling bling).

Full of smile and saying to myself that damn it, I will look so good with the choices I made at the store. I am a huge fan of going cashless, I am always with my ATM cards and my Chase card for back up, which came to my rescue eventually. Not to digress, I approached the cashier to make payment for my purchase. My bill rang up to equivalent of $1000.00. Having enough funds in my naira accounts, I gave them my Access bank card but was surprised to hear my transaction has been declined and after several trials, same error message was displayed. By this time, I was playing it cool saying oh it might be link issue forgetting that I am abroad for a minute. I again brought out Skye bank’s ATM card this time around I got a somewhat encouraging error message “exceeded daily limit” mind you this was my first transaction for the day.

This wasn’t funny anymore as I was holding the line and trust my oyinbo people, side comments were been passed like, black people, I bet you he his Nigerian. By this time I was boiling and ashamed of myself, I was also hoping something miraculously happens.  At this point, I cannot leave the store without my items as I have made so much noise and created a scene. I looked up and saw that the mall cop (police) was standing by the exit and the store security was explaining what had happened and pointing towards my direction. I made a call to Nigeria and then informed that some banks now have a daily limit of $100 for all channels.

My question now is are these policies peculiar to some banks and why are we not duly advised? I think the banks should get their acts right to avoid unnecessary embarrassments.

Thanks you.


lol @bling bling. I can imagine