If you had the power which bank will you shut down for poor service delivery?

Personally my feeling towards our banks in Nigeria is bitter-sweet. Just that moment when it seems like you have the best bank on your side with great customer service delivery and prompt response to your needs, everything suddenly goes soar.

Customers’ complaints must be settled by banks within two weeks- CBN

The Central Bank of Nigeria has instructed that all customers’ complaints especially on issues of overcharge and unauthorized deductions with banks must be settled within two weeks.

Who else has seen the Heritage Bank Advert on Big Brother Naija?

The new Heritage Bank advert on the ongoing National reality TV program (Big Brother Naija) is quite captivating; a lovely rendition by Titilope Shonuga I must say and her choice of words as well as delivery was super.

The ill Practice of Customer Service Segregation by Banks

Ever heard of the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover?” Yes don’t!
The practice of determining the extent of quality service to be rendered a customer by their account balance is common among bankers.

CBN Abolish Charges and Commissions for FOREX Purchase in Banks

The Central Bank of Nigeria has instructed for the immediate implementation of dollar buying rate for invisible transactions at ₦360/dollar without any further charge nor commission. This means that FOREX transactions such as school fees, medical bills and travelling allowance should now be accessed at ₦360/dollar without any further charge.

Here are Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions on Banks

Why do I get many charges from my bank?
Ans: Most charges by the banks are legal and regulated by CBN. They are tied to the actual bank product or service you subscribe to. However, knowing what the different charges represent enables you to know the services and products to activate and de-activate. Having said this notwithstanding, banks could make mistakes in charges or debits passed to your account sometimes which is the reason why you need to always know what the different charges are at every given time.

Exercising Your Right as a Bank Customer

As human beings, we constantly strive towards perfection. Everyone and anyone loves to be described with the sweetest of words. I remember during my ‘9-5 days’ when we have to hold send forth parties for resigning colleagues and everyone is made to gather and speak about the ‘celebrant’. Hardly do you hear bad reports or comments about the person. This what a bit of problem for me because I always wanted to speak about the person on all sides; the good, the bad and the ugly for there is no one without flaws.

You probably didn’t know this about your bank

All banks are regulated by the Central Bank in its country of operation. In Nigeria, the regulation body is the Central Bank of Nigeria. And as part of its regulatory measures, certain policies have been put in place to ensure for proper control of the banks and protection of members of the public.
Let us quickly take a look at this policies or tools used by the CBN to regulate the banks in Nigeria.

These Banks open on Saturdays for your service

There are many times we have urgent needs for the bank which sometimes are beyond just ATM services. Below is a list of banks and their branches you can easily reach in times of these needs.


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